Introducing Mixed Reality

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青海快3走势图 Mixed Reality headsets use the latest technology to combine digital experiences with your physical workspace. Whether for entertainment, productivity, or gaming, MR headsets let you blend the real and virtual worlds in exciting new ways.

HTC Vive and VR Ready Graphics Card

Experience Reality Like Never Before

The virtual reality revolution will change everything, from gaming to entertainment to social networking, and Newegg's VR Central is the place to be to learn all about it and then score great deals. Build or buy a VR-ready PC, take the plunge into the future with the HTC Vive or another VR headset. The technology is ready. Are you?

VR terms you should know From HMD to FOV, here's a vocabulary lesson to get you ready for the future.
How to build a budget VR-ready PC Build a low-cost, high performance VR system
10 great VR games for beginners These 10 titles will make it easy to enter the world of VR
5 Tips for Room-Scale VR Keep cool, keep safe, and manage cords in room-scale VR.
Why you should choose the Oculus Rift Here's what the Rift has to offer.
Why you should choose the HTC Vive Here's what the Vive has to offer.
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What's Hot in VR

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VR Headsets

VR Headsets

There are a variety of VR headset options available on Newegg, including the powerful HTC Vive, the versatile Samsung Gear VR, and a selection of specialized and Google Cardboard-compatible devices.



Yes, VR-ready laptops exist, and Newegg is the home for ultra-performance Oculus and Vive ready laptops. To be VR-ready, a laptop needs a GTX 980 "desktop" graphics card, as 970m or 980m mobile graphics don't have the power to handle VR. These Newegg-recommended VR-ready laptops are perfect for VR-gamers on the go.



The easiest way to get into the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive is one of Newegg's exclusive VR-ready desktops. These systems have GTX 970 level or greater graphics cards, 16GB RAM, and the latest Intel CPUs to power your new Vive or Rift.

VR Accessories

VR Accessories

You need more than a headset and hardware if you want to get the most out of your virtual reality experience. Newegg offers VR-compatible controllers, cables, and skins to protect and customize your new VR gear.

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