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青海快3走势图 If you are located outside of the countries we currently ship to, we apologize but would encourage you to check back on our site from time to time as we plan to introduce more available countries in the near future. For other questions, please contact our Customer Service team.


For orders placed outside the U.S., we accept all major credit cards.

We also accept PayPal in a majority of countries with few exceptions, as well as paysafecard in 24 countries.

Newegg will be supporting more popular local payments in 2018, such as BPay, Giropay, and more. We encourage you to check back on our site for future updates. To find out about the accepted payment methods in your country, please visit our International Payment Methods page, here.

BPay Giropay Paysafecard

During the order checkout process, Newegg will calculate and display the order total amount along with cost of customs duties and applicable import and sales tax (VAT/GST). Should you elect to proceed with completing the purchase, all orders will be delivered with duty and tax fully paid for and included in your final checkout price.

It is our goal to provide a simple shopping experience and ensure timely delivery no matter where you are.

Newegg offers multiple shipping options on international orders through our carrier partners.

Items shipped by Newegg typically has an average door to door transit time of 4-7 business days or 2-3 business days depending on shipping method selected.

Items shipped by our Marketplace sellers can typically be delivered between 1 to 2 weeks, with faster shipping options available on selective items from a majority of our sellers. For items shipped by seller, be sure to check the estimated shipping lead time displayed with your order during checkout. If you have any question on the expected shipping time or would like to find out the status of your order, you can contact seller directly.

Please note that delivery times go into effect once an order is shipped out. Most orders are shipped out the same or the following business day, all orders are shipped out within three business days from the time of payment confirmation.

Tracking numbers are sent to the email address associated with your order within 1 business day after the order is shipped out.
You can check your order status, here. Or contact our customer service team, here.

International returns are subject to the same processes as Newegg domestic returns. While most products come with a 15-day return policy after delivery date, be sure to check the Warranty & Returns tab on the product page of the item you purchased.

Items offered by our Marketplace sellers are only eligible for refund for international returns to ensure a quick resolution to any issues you may encounter with your purchase.

For more information about International Return Policy for products sold by Newegg, see here.

Refunds may be subject to a restocking fee, depending on the reason for return, the condition of the returned product, and individual Marketplace seller's return policy. You can view a Marketplace seller's return policy and contact information from the Marketplace seller's profile page.

For instruction on how to return a Marketplace item, see here.

Refunds will be made within 10 business days of receiving your returned product(s). If you purchased a product from a Marketplace seller, and a refund is not received within this period of time, Newegg will provide you with a refund or resolution.

Although free return shipping may be offered by the Marketplace sellers, you may be responsible for the cost of return shipping cost depending on the reason for return and individual Marketplace seller's return policy. You can view a Marketplace seller's return policy and contact information from the Marketplace seller's profile page.

Watch our Easy Returns Instruction Video to learn more.

Newegg's customer service team can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach our customer service team, here.

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